Teenager Jailed For Life For Planning Terrorist Attack

A London teenager has been jailed for life for plotting a terror attack, becoming the youngest woman to be sentenced for terrorism offenses in Britain. Safaa Boular, 18, who together with her mother and elder sister formed the country’s first all-female cell linked to the Islamic State group, will spend a minimum of 13 years... Continue Reading →


Militants Amputate Young Girl For Playing Soccer

Al Shabaab militants have amputated a 15 year old girl for playing football. Hasina Ali who is an orphan from Anole village was spotted by the militants playing with her brothers in the backyard of her grandmother’s house. One of the militants approached them and began yelling at the grandmother for allowing the girl to... Continue Reading →

Al Shabaab Recruiting Persons On Dating Sites

The advancement of technology and easy access to internet connections has greatly changed the way we communicate. Terrorists and other violent extremists are taking advantage of this and changing their means of recruitment. Long gone are the days where terrorists used to recruit through face to face conversations. Terrorists nowadays have changed tact and are... Continue Reading →

Several Militants Killed As Forces Recapture Region

17 Al Shabaab militants have been killed by allied forces in an offensive on the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab towards recapturing territory. The deputy commissioner of Bay regional administration for security said Southwest army made gains against Al-Shabaab following battle in the region after recapturing the region. The fighting erupted after SouthWest state troops... Continue Reading →

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