Security Forces Move To Counter Apparent Attacks On Kenya

Security has been beefed up in parts of North Eastern and Coastal regions following reports Al Shabaab plans attacks ahead of the marking of Eid ul Fitr on Friday.

According to Police spokesman Charles Owino, more security agents had been deployed in Witu, Mpeketoni and other places in Lamu county where there are fears of an imminent attack after the attackers were spotted in Boni Forest.

“As we prepare to celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters the Eid ul Fitr holidays, we have increased deployment of our officers in the Boni area, particularly the area between Witu and Mpeketoni in Lamu County,” he stated.

Owino stated that they have information the terrorists are on the move under command of Maalim Ayman and Mohamed Bilaal towards Boni. “This follows information that we have received from local communities indicating sightings of suspected militia elements in the dense forest.”

He explained that there have also been increased sights of terrorists in Tana Delta and North Eastern.

He asked locals especially in Boni to remain vigilant and report any suspicious character there.

“All security agencies in the Boni Enclave area have been put on high alert and we have dispatched more personnel to comb the forest to flush out the militants.”



Police Arrest Husband And Wife Linked To Al Shabaab

Police have arrested a couple suspected to be financiers and logicians for the Al-Shabaab terror group. Officers apprehended Yassin Abdille Hussein aka Abu Sumeiya and his wife Fartun Mohammed Guleidin Eastleigh, Nairobi.

The two are also believed to be accomplices of a key Al-Shabaab operative in Mandera, Abdiweli Mohamed Guleid alias Abdiweli Kamaure, who is the mastermind behind the November 2014Mandera Bus attack where the militants cold-bloodedly killed all the non-Muslims onboard the Mandera-bound bus.

The couple, from the Marehan clan, emigrated from Gedo region in Somalia and has been operating in Kenya using fake documents. Police reports indicate that the two have various businesses whose finances are channeled to support Al Shabaab activities.The 42-year-old Yassin Abdille Hussein, is a contractor who mainly operates his renovation trade in South B and parts of Eastleigh, while his wife Fartun Mohammed Guleid, 41 is the sister to Kamaure.

An inquiry to how they were able to open businesses and operate in the country under false documentation is also under investigation. Initial reports confirm that the two have been channeling funds to Kamaure for atleast for over five years now. Kamaure joined Alshabaab in 2007, and is currently the Deputy Governor of Gedo Region serving under Al shabaab head Sheikh Abdirahman Fillow, he is said to be instrumental in the co-ordination of attacks by Alshabaab in Bulla-Hawa, Mandera and along the border of Mandera and Somalia deploying militia to kill teachers and quarry workers in Mandera County.

He has also been in charge of some of the attacks by the group in Wajir. Five wanted terrorists from Wajir identified through a police press statement last week are said to be be operating under the command of Kamaure, the five include; Kullow Yarrow Abdi, Mohamed Ahmed Yarrow, Ahmed Dabar, Mohamed Mohamud Abdullahi and Adan Yussuf Sheikh.

Kamaure is also in charge of a recruitment cell that preys on disillusioned youth from Mandera and Wajir Counties, radicalizing them and facilitating their travel to Somalia for training and thereafter their return to the country where they carry out attacks against security Installations and vehicles, and other critical infrastructure in the North Eastern and Coastal region of the country.

Security agencies are urging the public to volunteer information that will lead to the arrest of these individuals.The security agencies have also expressed delight at the quick action of local leaders and the public for their commitment to the fight against terrorism in the country. They also indicated that they are closing in on the suspects who are still in hiding and urged the public to volunteer any further information that will lead to their arrest.

What would you do in the case of an attack? R.H.F Tactics advice on due skill

Asked what she would do in the case of a terrorist attack, Margaret Anjili is hesitant to answer as her face turns pale, maybe visualizing a bloody ordeal most Kenyans dread to talk about following previous terrorist attacks on our soil.

In the past, members of the public have found themselves between a rock and a hard place at the sound of a blast, with most of them not knowing what to do and some opting to run towards the scene of attack. The latter is however completely unacceptable since militia groups have taken advantage of the act before by launching double attacks.

There is definitely no blueprint guide to ensure safety but tactical measures have proven to be effective during terrorist attacks world over; Run, Fight or Run, a slogan known as R.H.F. All three of them have been used depending on the nature attack.


The tactical measure used when it is best suit for the victim advices that the subject run away from source of trouble. Many a times, victims will automatically run for their belongings may it be valuables or luggage. Your expensive handbag or phone should however be least of your priorities at this time of injury. Looking for a safe exit is advised and as much as broadcasting the event live on social media or stopping to alert family members would seem like the right thing to do, victims are advised against it. Victims should assist others in escaping only if they are in a position to.


Most attacks are usually ambushes and running might not come as an option at the time. The place of attack might also be closed and the attackers would most likely seal exists. First off, switch your phone off or have it on silent mode to avoid attracting the terrorists towards your direction. In a situation where babies are present, it is advisable to soothe them to stop them from crying. Hiding behind larger objects would be the only option in this case considering you are not sure of the number of the attackers or the situation outside. You can alert the authorities only if it is safe to do so but most importantly, ensure you keep calm and advise other hostages to do so.


Sometimes, desperate situations call for desperate measures and in this case, fighting would be the go to measure. Most of the victims might lack skill in fighting the enemy but that does not mean they should surrender, experts advice you improvise weapons from within your surroundings it could be a fire extinguisher, chairs, brooms etc. Be physically aggressive and try to incapacitate the attacker. Hostages are also advised to support each other in fighting the attackers.