Al Shabaab Selling Humanitarian Food

The United Nations (UN) has released a report indicating that Al Shabaab are attacking UN troops on humanitarian missions, stealing food and commodities including medication and water meant for the needy Somalis in the Gedo region. The report further reveals how the militants supply the commodities to retail shops to be sold in the market.... Continue Reading →


Uhuru Kenyatta: Plan To Withdraw Troops Still On

Kenya will withdraw its troops from Somalia after more than six years of fighting against Al-Shabaab, Uhuru Kenyatta has said. Kenya formally sent 4,660 soldiers to Somalia in October 2011 after incessant attacks and kidnappings of civilians by the militants within its territory. A year later, the UN Security Council gave Kenya the green light... Continue Reading →

Several Militants Killed As Forces Recapture Region

17 Al Shabaab militants have been killed by allied forces in an offensive on the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab towards recapturing territory. The deputy commissioner of Bay regional administration for security said Southwest army made gains against Al-Shabaab following battle in the region after recapturing the region. The fighting erupted after SouthWest state troops... Continue Reading →

UN Moves To Curb Al-shabaab Cash Points

United Nations agencies operating in Somalia have teamed up to curb what they have called “unsustainable trade, production and use of charcoal in Somalia.” Charcoal trade is one of the main cash-streams for the Al-shabaab militants. The agencies have opened a two-day conference in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, in the wake of a recent resurgence in... Continue Reading →

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