Christians, Aid Workers Killed By Radical Islamic Terrorists In Kenya

Christians, citizens and at least one aid worker were brutally murdered by radical Islamic terrorists with ties to Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram in Kenya earlier this month. International Christian Concern (ICC), a group that tracks attacks on Christians around the world, first brought attention to the murders. According to ICC, the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped... Continue Reading →


Commemoration of 9/11: Security Advancements Against Terrorist Groups

The 9/11 attack that occurred in 2001 in NewYork came just three years after the attack on the US-Embassy in both Kenya and Tanzania. The attack was largely directed to the United States considering many casualties were citizens of US; however, it was also an assault on the whole world. The Al Qaeda attack led... Continue Reading →

Al Shabaab Blocks Flood Victims’ Aid In Somalia

In total, more than 427,000 people were affected in Somalia after above-average rainfall saw rivers burst their banks this month, More rain is predicted next week. “And worst is likely yet to come. With limited access to proper toilets and clean water, it’s a ticking time bomb for disease outbreaks like cholera and malaria,” said... Continue Reading →

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