Forces Recapture Strategic Towns In Somalia And PuntLand

Somali military has taken over a key town in Lower Shabelle region near the state’s capital of Mogadishu. 15 militants were killed during the attack that saw others escape with severe injuries. Security forces ambushed the militia from nearby Shalanbod town and rolled into Marka city, which has been Al Shabaab inhabited in the past.... Continue Reading →


Hamza Bin Laden,Terror Ties, and Avengeful Al Qaeda Leader

Family members in the bin laden have expressed fear that slain Al Qaeda leader’s son Hamza Bin Laden is following in the footsteps of his father Osama Bin Laden and he could have assumed a leadership position in the Al Qaeda. In a more shocking revelation, Hamza Osama is said to have married Mohammed Atta’s... Continue Reading →

Several Militants Killed As Forces Recapture Region

17 Al Shabaab militants have been killed by allied forces in an offensive on the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab towards recapturing territory. The deputy commissioner of Bay regional administration for security said Southwest army made gains against Al-Shabaab following battle in the region after recapturing the region. The fighting erupted after SouthWest state troops... Continue Reading →

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