Woman Impersonates Her Al Shabaab Sister In Mombasa Court

Police have arrested a woman for impersonation to falsely represent her sister, an Al Shabaab member in a Mombasa court. Abdia Adan Ali appeared in court covered up in a Niqab trying to pass herself as her sister Halima Adan Ali who was to appear in court for the final hearing in a terror related... Continue Reading →


Somalia President launches ‘Operation Lightning Strike’ days to Eid Fitr

Somalia President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo has launched ‘operation lightning strike’ ahead of Eid al Fitr celebrations end of this week. This is in a bid to open multi-fronts on Somalia army currently in defensive positions near Tukkraq village of Sool. The operation that is in full gear is sending armament, ammunition and trained troops to... Continue Reading →

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