Police Collaborate With Students In Fight Against Terrorism in Kenya

The National Police Service has partnered with schools across the country to counter violent extremism through music festivals. The office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) has, therefore, sponsored a number of school’s music festival groups at zonal, sub-county, county levels, all the way to the national level that will be staged in Nyeri on... Continue Reading →


Indonesian School De-radicalizes ‘Children Of Terror’

In May, her mother and father sat her on their motorbike before riding to the Surabaya Police Headquarters and blowing themselves up."Ayu" (not her real name) survived the blast and now attends a secret school for the children of Indonesian terrorism. "[Ayu] is happy now. She's a smart kid," her social worker Sri Musfiah said. "She... Continue Reading →

Teenager Radicalized Through Video Games

Shady was a fourteen year old male from Kahawa west a bright, quiet and reserved boy who loved playing video games. He often found consolation when playing online games, but an experience with online gaming changed him within a year. Every day after school, Shady used to go to the cyber cafe that was near... Continue Reading →

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