Mozambicans Warned Against Falling For Terrorists’ False Promises

President Filipe Nyusi warned Mozambicans, particularly residents of the northern province of Cabo Delgado, not to be deceived by the false promises made by the terrorist groups who have been committing atrocities in Cabo Delgado since last October. The death toll from these attacks, carried out by Islamic fundamentalists known locally as Al-Sunna or Al-Shabaab, now... Continue Reading →


Why Al Shabaab Is Under Pressure Now Than Ever Before

Al Shabaab has been under a lot pressure this year than ever before. After years of leadership wrangles, the militia was dealt a hard blow after news leaked that their emir Abu Ubaidah is suffering from cancer. US has started targeting the Al Shabaab bases now outside Mogadishu the recent one being 15 miles southwest... Continue Reading →

Teenager Radicalized Through Video Games

Shady was a fourteen year old male from Kahawa west a bright, quiet and reserved boy who loved playing video games. He often found consolation when playing online games, but an experience with online gaming changed him within a year. Every day after school, Shady used to go to the cyber cafe that was near... Continue Reading →

Women And Girls In The Modern Radicalization World

In the modern world, with huge technological advances, resulting in the emergence of the information age has seen the whole world become a closely-knit global village where spread of information is fast. Terror groups have taken advantage of the situation to radicalize and recruit from the world over, bringing a lot of efficiency with it at... Continue Reading →

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