Al Shabaab InaMurder Waislamu

Raia wa Somalia wameProtest kuhusu hii story ya Al Shabaab kuMurder waSomali. Juzi juzi Al Shabaab imeAttack na kuChoma maBiashara, hao na Mosque za wasee wa Mogadishu na mahali zingine huko Somalia. Al Shabaab imekua ikilipua watu na bomb za kubebwa na Dinga, kurusha maGrenade kwa soko, kuShoot wasee kiholela na kukata wasee vichwa. Hawa... Continue Reading →


11 year Old Among ISIS Child fighters Involved In Russia Attack

As the Islamic State caliphate continues to be crushed in the Middle East, it has begun embracing lone-wolf and small group attacks. Recently, a group of five children committed four attacks between Shali, the third-largest town in Russia's predominantly-Muslim region, and the capital, Grozny. Sources suggest an 11-year old boy was travelling as part of the group,... Continue Reading →

Muslim Women Come Together To Fight Al Shabaab

Muslim women have come out strongly to curse the atrocities committed by the Al Shabaab terrorist group. Through a media statement released to newsrooms, the women dubbed  ‘Muslim Women Against Al Shabaab’ (MWAA) highlighted some of the unreligious activities the out-lawed group was engaging in. Some of these atrocities include misuse of Islamic terminologies like... Continue Reading →

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