ISIS Faction At War With Al Shabaab Terrorist Outfit 

In a rare show of aggression, a militant group associated with Daesh (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq has started levying taxes on businesses in Central Somalia. According to intelligence reports, this group is taking advantage of the vacuum caused by Al Shabaab wrangles and now want to take over Al Shabaab territory. Reports also suggest... Continue Reading →


Al Shabaab Divides Over Mismanagement Of Funds By Cartels

The Al Shabaab militia group is now facing fresh wrangles in new money disputes exposed by former Al Shabaab members. In an exposé by a Somali Institute in collaboration with current and former Al Shabaab members, It is revealed that active foot soldiers have employed a go-slow on operations following un-honoured compensation demands. The issue... Continue Reading →

What Al-Shabaab Looks Like on its death bed

Al-Shabaab militia group is at its weakest point. It has been weakened financially, militarily and politically in recent days. Somali’s harsh climatically conditions and the country's devastating drought has forced Al Shabaab militants to live on strained finances as funders continue to disown the militia group. This is because many local communities now lack the... Continue Reading →

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