Al Shabaab Fighters Surrender After Prolonged Rains And Floods Hit Somalia

In recent months Al Shabaab militia capabilities in South Somalia region have been quashed to an extent of desperation with some of the militia desperate to quit the group before it is too late.

They have been under sustained ground and aerial attacks from the security forces significantly weakening them. These has been happening with the assistance of US and other international partners. The militia group is losing fighters daily, a situation which is prompting them to decamp.

The ongoing rains in Somalia which is causing floods further compounds their misery as their camps in Middle and Lower Shabelle have been washed away leaving them with no place to stay.

In addition to that they have no place to train or hide from security forces.
New recruits have been abandoned and left in a state of confusion not knowing what to do or where to go. Their only viable option is to surrender to security forces so that they can get assistance to leave the flooded areas.

The rains are a blessing in disguise as those who have surrendered are willing to work with the officials by giving them information on the operations of the militants.


Somalia National Army commemorates 58th anniversary amid intensified fight against Al Shabaab

Somalia National Army backed by intercontinental forces has been on a successful battle to eradicate the Al Shabaab militia in different parts of the country. A decade into war against terrorism, most regions previously inhibited by the militia outfit have been taken back by the federal government.

During the National Army’s commemoration of the 58th anniversary held on 12th April 2018 in different barracks across the country, SNA highlighted gains recorded in the fight against Al Shabaab with most of its camps dismantled and support frameworks decapitated.

Through collaboration, Somalia’s Special Forces known as “Danab” have retaken control of strategic towns South of Somalia where militants have since fled. Major towns in the state are now under the federal government making the militia weaker. The forces also focused on intensifying operations against terrorism in the country as support from the international community tightens.

Lately, combined forces have seen a rising number in foiled attacks in the capital Mogadishu as well as target towns in the pockets of Somalia. The army was disintegrated when the civil war in the 90s was re-established during the former transitional Somalia governments.

The commemoration was well received by members of the public who commended the forces on the fight against terrorism.