Security Forces Move To Counter Apparent Attacks On Kenya

Security has been beefed up in parts of North Eastern and Coastal regions following reports Al Shabaab plans attacks ahead of the marking of Eid ul Fitr on Friday.

According to Police spokesman Charles Owino, more security agents had been deployed in Witu, Mpeketoni and other places in Lamu county where there are fears of an imminent attack after the attackers were spotted in Boni Forest.

“As we prepare to celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters the Eid ul Fitr holidays, we have increased deployment of our officers in the Boni area, particularly the area between Witu and Mpeketoni in Lamu County,” he stated.

Owino stated that they have information the terrorists are on the move under command of Maalim Ayman and Mohamed Bilaal towards Boni. “This follows information that we have received from local communities indicating sightings of suspected militia elements in the dense forest.”

He explained that there have also been increased sights of terrorists in Tana Delta and North Eastern.

He asked locals especially in Boni to remain vigilant and report any suspicious character there.

“All security agencies in the Boni Enclave area have been put on high alert and we have dispatched more personnel to comb the forest to flush out the militants.”



Police Issue Warning On Planned Al Shabaab Attacks

The National Police Service has issued a warning on a plot by Al Shabaab to carry out a number of attacks in Kenya.

“We do have reliable information that Al Shabaab militia may be planning to attack some key infrastructure in Mandera, Wajir and Garrissa and the Coastal region. The attacks are said to target installations thats are far flung along the border.” Read the statement

In the press release seen by Epuka Ugaidi, the police has assured members of the public of deployment of resources to counter any such actions by terrorists.“Our office is on high alert and will continue monitoring their movements at all times.”

In the statement, the police have put it clear that the El Wak town attack was not within Kenyan boarders but Somalia’s. However, heavy deployment of security personnel has provided refuge for Somali civilians fleeing the attacks.

The institution has also condemned attacks on Liboi where several security personnel died. “We condemn the attack in the strongest possible terms and warn the militants that we shall not rest until they are caught and punished. This is however an isolated incident that is not going to distract us from our set objective; to rid the country of terrorist elements and ensure the safety and security of all Kenyans.” Continued the statement

Al Shabaab sympathisers have been put on notice for facilitating and supporting terrorist acts. Police have promised to bring them to book to be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Members of the public have been asked to maintain vigilance and continue cooperating and providing useful information that will help in deterring and thwarting Al Shabaab activities.

Failure in family unity and society cohesion a driver of violent extremism

In most countries across Africa, terrorism has been blamed on governments’ failure to achieve inclusion of its citizens. Political instability, joblessness are also some of the alleged causes and motivations of youth joining terrorist groups.

With some traces of truth laced around it, it is unfortunate that identity thirst can hardly be cured by devolution or even financial inclusion. The urge to belong is a core human need to feel ownership of our self, take comfort in a unique identity, and feel a sense of belonging to a larger ‘something’.

Seeking identity is part of human living; the greed to acquire identity however has forced most young men and women into extremism, into craving for recognition and eventually gaining identity and belonging to a group of people whose silver lining is similar.

Family units and the society at large are responsible if not entirely for violent extremists. As young boys grow into men, they either get attached to a sport, a skill or even a profession. However, in informal residential areas as well as slums, bullies and rogue younglings make it almost mandatory for teenage boys to identify themselves with a gang or a rival group.

The desperate need to be recognised and respected by peers as well as evade harassment and mistreatment would be followed by rogue acts and deeds just to prove worth and eventually satisfy leaders of the militia groups. As a young mind and member of the society, seeking for identity becomes a top priority agenda in life. This evidently shows itself in today’s society as terrorists chase identity and attention by all means.

That if a bomb attack happened today, a terrorist group owns up and publishes video clips as militants beat their chests as the most dangerous and heartless outfit. Today, terrorist groups and militia across the world strive to beat each other at not only following but also the kind of attacks launched.

The inhumane behaviour motivated by absurdness traces back to formation of gangs and militia at young ages and the misled notion of life motivated by a dangerous seek of identity and recognition.






Kenyan Al Shabaab Militants Commit Suicide Due To Harsh Conditions

A body of a Kenyan fighting for the al Shabaab was found in a camp in Jilib, Somalia.

The deceased’s body identified as Abdi Kimani was found dangling behind a house in the camp that houses new foreign recruits.

Sources say Kimani killed himself after being in the camp for only three weeks.

“It is alleged that Kimani is the third foreign fighter, among five who have killed themselves at the camp with an unknown number having run away.” The source who did not want to be quoted said.

Harsh living conditions are one of the unrealistic expectations faced by the new recruits when they arrived at the camp.

“Those that joined recently are mostly affected after joining when the group it was riddled with many challenges including the flooding that brought water borne diseases as well as the succession woes that are affecting the group,” said the source.

The source further added that last week a Tanzanian female recruit, identified as Amina killed herself after she reported to have been sexually assaulted several times by the militants.

“She spent the whole morning crying and groaning screaming that she wanted a doctor, no one came to her aid and when the cries went silent at midday, she was found dead next to one of the leader’s house.”

It is alleged that she stabbed herself.

Unconfirmed reports from the Al Shabaab camp in Afmadhow says two female recruits had attempted suicide over rape allegations, the two were however subjected to lashing by the militants as punishment for attempting suicide.

The loss of foreign fighters through suicide is a new phenomenon as opposed to when they were executed publicly for allegedly spying for the Somalia and Kenyan intelligence services, whilst other were killed in engagements with AMISOM forces.




KDF And Jubbaland Troops Diminish Al Shabaab In Fresh Offensive

Part of the continued Al Shabaab weakening in the regions of Somalia and Kenya is the increased military operations against the militia group with a mission set clear to flush out militants from the entire regions under its control.

Jubbaland troops backed by Kenyan defence forces (KDF) have begun a massive military movement on the outskirts of Dhobley town, near Kenyan border.

Local residents say they often see KDF helicopters flying over the Al-Shabaab-held areas located outside the town as part of the ongoing military drills by the allied forces.

The fresh offensive covers both strategic and asymmetric war lately adapted highly by the Al Qaeda linked militia. As part of AMISOM’s mission to diminish the use of Improvised Explosive Devices against civilians and security agencies, the forces are also working with locals who share information on possible terrorist cells and locations

ISIS Militant Formerly Al Shabaab Commander Arrested In Mogadishu

Former Al Shabaab commander and now ISIS member has been arrested by Somali’s criminal investigation department in Mogadishu.

During the arrest, fake documentation, IEDs and an assortment of weapons were seized.

Jama Hussein Hassan was part of the Al Shabaab split for the Al Qaeda affiliated faction to pledge allegiance to ISIS in 2014.The dissenting group has since been operating in Puntland in northeastern Somalia.

Before going to ISIS hideout in Gaalgala Mountains, security forces were in pursuit of Jama Hassan as intelligence records show he was a designated recruiter and radicalizer under the Al Shabaab.

Today, Jama Hassan has been framed as the mastermind behind most police assassinations and attacks on security agencies in Somalia.

ISIS leader blows himself up to avoid arrest, killing tens other militants

Leader of ISIS cell in Russia has blown himself up with an Improvised explosive device (IEDs) to avoid being arrested by Russian law enforcement.

The ISIS leader also killed tens of militants in the hideout using the homemade bomb. Russian security forces however arrested three of his accomplices in the area following a raid against the group and are currently in custody.

The cell was being used as a station to plan bomb and gun attacks in Russia’s Rostov region but was identified and thwarted  before they could act, the Federal Security Service confirms.

The militia members are said to have been taking orders from Islamic State in Syria. Those detained are expected to cooperate with authorities in intelligence collection as charges get employed.