Al Shabaab Forces Female Genital Mutilation On Young Girl

Over the past few months many young girls have come out to share their experiences of kidnap and rape under the hands on the Al Shabaab. Recently a young girl from Hoosingo who attended the free medical camp offered by Kenyan troops, revealed that she was held captive for one week and raped by the terrorists.

The 10 year old girl who was accompanied by her mother told medical personnel at the camp that the day before she was released her genitals were forcefully mutilated.  After examination, doctors discovered that this procedure involved total removal of her labia and clitoris and the girl had experienced severe bleeding and had contracted an infection.

Islamic scholars have come out strongly to oppose the notion that Islam supports Female Genital Mutilation. Led by the deputy Chief Kadhi Rashid Ali Omar, the scholars said that people mostly mistake the cultural practices of the pastoralist communities who are mostly Muslim and assume the practice of FGM is in Islamic law. “From the Islamic Law there is nothing called FGM and it prohibits the mutilation of any organ of a person and even of an animal,” Omar said


KDF Troops Participate In Community Building In Hoosingo, Somalia

A day after an unfortunate IED attack on an AMISOM convey, KDF troops participated in a Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) in Hoosingo Somalia South Eastern Lower Juba region of Somalia where the troops offered free medical care to residents amid heavy rains rocking most regions in the country.

With fears of disease breakout, among services offered was administering vaccines to the vulnerable residents who have reported mild signs of a possible cholera breakout. The trained KDF personnel were largely answering to dire need of medical care for the residents who lack proper facilitation and expertise.

Pregnant women and children were among those who benefited in the operation that saw over 100 patients attended to. Three women successfully delivered healthy babies and received maternal packages as health support for both the mother and child. Maternal care in this area is non-existence, as the residents have to take long walks or donkey rides to midwives who lack proper facilitation and expertise, which puts the women and infants at risk.

After the medical camp, the troops engaged with the youth in a friendly football match that was preceded with a de-radicalisation and counter terrorism training. The military-civil engagement in the area has been very instrumental in countering al shabaab and rehabilitating the youth in Hoosingo.

Local council elder Abdi Weli condemned the Sunday attack in Dhobley citing that the residents of Hoosingo will not allow Al shabaab to derail the progress that KDF has brought to the region, “Our boys are back to us, our wives and children are healthy and all this I thank KDF” said the elder.