Mandera’s Security Situation Is Exaggerated, Cuban Doctors Say

Two Cuban doctors deployed in Mandera say a quick google search about their new workstation before they were posted painted a picture of doom and gloom. They say top results talked about abduction and bomb blasts by the dreaded terror group Al Shabaab. Dr. Assel Herera Correa (general physician) and Dr. Landy Rodriguez (surgeon), who... Continue Reading →


AMISOM Extends Mandate In Somalia as Al Shabaab Diminishes

A UN-backed peacekeeping mission in Somalia, which faces attacks by an Al-Qaeda affiliate, received unanimous Security Council backing Tuesday until July 31. The African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), with about 21,600 troops, operates with the approval of the UN and relies on international funding. By extending Amisom's mandate to the end of July, the... Continue Reading →

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