Police Issue Warning On Planned Al Shabaab Attacks

The National Police Service has issued a warning on a plot by Al Shabaab to carry out a number of attacks in Kenya.

“We do have reliable information that Al Shabaab militia may be planning to attack some key infrastructure in Mandera, Wajir and Garrissa and the Coastal region. The attacks are said to target installations thats are far flung along the border.” Read the statement

In the press release seen by Epuka Ugaidi, the police has assured members of the public of deployment of resources to counter any such actions by terrorists.“Our office is on high alert and will continue monitoring their movements at all times.”

In the statement, the police have put it clear that the El Wak town attack was not within Kenyan boarders but Somalia’s. However, heavy deployment of security personnel has provided refuge for Somali civilians fleeing the attacks.

The institution has also condemned attacks on Liboi where several security personnel died. “We condemn the attack in the strongest possible terms and warn the militants that we shall not rest until they are caught and punished. This is however an isolated incident that is not going to distract us from our set objective; to rid the country of terrorist elements and ensure the safety and security of all Kenyans.” Continued the statement

Al Shabaab sympathisers have been put on notice for facilitating and supporting terrorist acts. Police have promised to bring them to book to be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Members of the public have been asked to maintain vigilance and continue cooperating and providing useful information that will help in deterring and thwarting Al Shabaab activities.


Residents Work With Troops To Flash Out Al Shabaab Drugs

On Monday 9th April 2018 at 1700hrs, a Multi – agency operation raided and dismantled an Al Shabaab camp in Kotile, Ijara district. The troops recovered 2 loaded pistol magazines, combat knives, assorted medicines and syringes, ICOM hand held radio Black polythene Tarpaulin, among other house hold items.

The raid came after a tip off from the villagers who approached the security agents, in the recent past, the communities within Boni and the surrounding have increased their support for the troops operating in the area.

Of interesting in the find is the large quantities of drug at the camp coming after confessions from returnees that Al Shabaab militants are extremely abusing drugs and alcohol as well as sexually abusing women within their camps and from communities adjacent to their camps. In September 2017, KDF troops found a load of phonograph DVDs, alcohol and drugs after raiding an Al Shabaab camp inside Boni forest, later in the year numerous condoms washed off from Jilib-an Al Shabaab stronghold after flash floods had hit Somalia.

Sheikh Noor Farah council elder from Ijara said “its either we cooperate with the police or allow Al Shabaab to turn our town into a sex and drug den” he was speaking on confirmation that indeed they had offered the information to the troops in the area and vowed to smoke out all operatives from the area.