Al Shabaab desperate to save face as reports of the leader’s death resurfaces

Al Shabaab is struggling to put up face after members of the militia came out to denounce news that their leader is dead. In a statement on his health and ability to lead the militia outfit, Al Shabaab came out to discredit its rivals in a move seen as unusual. Sources confirm that the militia... Continue Reading →


Al Shabaab Logging and Plastic Ban A Mere Joke

The Al Shabaab militia recently imposed a ban on plastic bags citing that they pose a risk to humans and animals, in the same breathe, the militia group is struggling to ban logging of indigenous trees citing environmental degradation.  The move by the militia group could be mistaken to look like they care about human... Continue Reading →

12 Al Shabaab fighters surrender to Somalia Forces

A senior Al Shabaab commander and 11 other fighters surrendered to Somali authorities in southern Somalia. Somalia’s Jubaland intelligence chief, Khalid Sheikh says 12 Al Shabaab fighters, including their commander had handed themselves over to government officials in Bar-sanguni area, some 45km away from the coastal town of Kismayo. Khalid did not mention the name... Continue Reading →

Al Shabaab Brutally Kills Women And Children

The Al Shabaab militia group has time and again done the unthinkable, killing the innocent cowardly &mercilessly in desperate attempt to stay relevant and evoke fear. Their intent has fueled a genocidal kind of execution in a small village in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia; a grave matter that is beyond compare where they... Continue Reading →

Al Shabaab Commander Arrested Alongside Several Militants

A senior Somali regional district official says government forces have captured an Al-Shabaab commander during a joint security operation on the outskirt of Qoryoley town. Speaking to Radio Shabelle on the phone, Mohamed Abdi Abdullahi, the city’s deputy commissioner on the security and political affairs said several militants were also arrested. The African Union forces,... Continue Reading →

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