State, Societal and Parental responsibility in De-Radicalisation

According to Oxford dictionary, Deradicalization means the action or process of causing a person with extreme views to adopt more moderate positions on political or social issues. The prevention of radicalization is an essential part of crime prevention in society. By engaging in lawful, socially useful activities and adopting a humanistic orientation towards society and... Continue Reading →


Boko Haram Commanders and Fighters Arrested Confess To Atrocities

Police in Nigeria’s north-eastern Borno state have arrested Boko Haram top commanders and members of the insurgent group that is responsible for several abductions of the Chibok girls according to the militant's confessions. The Boko Haram members confessed to having launched over 50 suicide bomb attacks in Maiduguri and parts of Adamawa and also participated... Continue Reading →

Several Militants Killed As Forces Recapture Region

17 Al Shabaab militants have been killed by allied forces in an offensive on the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab towards recapturing territory. The deputy commissioner of Bay regional administration for security said Southwest army made gains against Al-Shabaab following battle in the region after recapturing the region. The fighting erupted after SouthWest state troops... Continue Reading →

Kenya And United States Adamant To Stabilise Somalia

Kenya and the United States have called for more efforts to stabilize Somalia saying regional stability is key for economic development. President Kenyatta and Thomas Waldhauser, commander of the U.S.-Africa Command (Africom), renewed their commitment to peace in the two countries. The Kenyan leader said Kenya is firmly committed to the cause of finding peace... Continue Reading →

12 Al Shabaab fighters surrender to Somalia Forces

A senior Al Shabaab commander and 11 other fighters surrendered to Somali authorities in southern Somalia. Somalia’s Jubaland intelligence chief, Khalid Sheikh says 12 Al Shabaab fighters, including their commander had handed themselves over to government officials in Bar-sanguni area, some 45km away from the coastal town of Kismayo. Khalid did not mention the name... Continue Reading →

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