Youth Radicalisation

  Why are we losing youth to Al Shabaab? This is a question that should be in every person’s mind when thinking about peace and security. We face grave danger as a nation when we are exposed to violent extremism and terrorism. Youth radicalization and conversion to terrorism needs to […]

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How to spot Radicalisation early

Kenya’s experience with Terrorism recently has taken a darker turn. Our very own have turned against us. Reading the newspapers and seeing names like Mahir Khalid Riziki, Osman Hassan Ahmad and Ali Salim Gichunge just breaks one’s heart. These were the names of three of the DusitD2 assailants and guess […]

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Radical Milleu

Borrowing the example of the three Adam brothers in the UK 2004, radicalisation needs to be examined further from an individual point. A case of three brothers who were exposed to the plight of Iraq and Iran Muslims. They were exposed to videos that came with the technical, tactical, and […]

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Radicalization: A menace to Society

Radicalization: A menace to Society A Society is built on structures and belief systems i.e. the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. These are fundamentally political, religious, family, law, economy, or class. So what happens when these structures are radicalized? Well, […]

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Violent Extremism and social media

“The world has become a village” is a phrase you can hear in almost every conversation regarding the advancements in technology, communication and information distribution. It is without question that the “world becoming smaller” has brought on a lot of unprecedented changes, some good some bad. It is without question […]

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Radicalisation is right at our doorsteps

Radicalisation is the action or process of causing someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues which eventually lead to violent extremism/terrorism. It’s a modern day problem that is being spread and practised in plain sight. Many factors contribute to radicalisation, some of which are lack of identity […]

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