KDF marksman takes head of Al Shabaab militant

A High-Value Target and Al Shabaab executioner whose work was teaching new recruits how to cut off victims’ heads reportedly lost his own head to a KDF sniper’s bullet. A marksman with the KDF paratroopers blew the Al Shabaab executioner’s head off during an operation in the town of Jilib after a tip-off from locals... Continue Reading →


KDF seize a track ferrying Al Shabaab defectors to Kenya

Kenya Defence Force security forces have seized a track in it, Al Shabaab defectors attempting to cross the Kenya-Somalia border The track purporting to be transporting hay into Kenya tried to veer off the main route in order to escape police checkpoints but was already on KDF’s radar. The driver is said to have resisted... Continue Reading →

KDF Steps In To Provide Health Services In Lamu

The Kenya Defence Force troops under Operation Linda Boni have rolled out a series of MediCare camps in areas earmarked for the multi-agency security operation. The move by the security forces was prompted by the lack of health facilities following destructive attacks by the Al Shabaab militants said to have intentionally destroyed infrastructure following defiance... Continue Reading →

KDF Rolls Out Vaccination Camps In Lamu County

The Kenya Defence Forces soldiers-KDF who are currently conducting the multi-agency security operation Linda Boni have rolled out several medical camps in the areas of operation to residents in dire need of Medicare. Today, more than 100 children under the age of 5 years residing in the areas of Milimani, Basuba, Mangai and Mararani received... Continue Reading →

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