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A prominent Kenyan Muslim cleric has come out to challenge Al-Shabaab ideology and propaganda. Sheikh Mohamed Shibli, a respected Muslim Cleric of Somali origin, released a video dubbing the Somalia based militant group as hypocritical and insincere. The Muslim scholar rebutted Al-Shabaab’s propaganda on the Newzealand Mosque shootings in March […]

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Terrorists are NOT Muslims

The term terrorism became popular after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. The attack was referred to, as an act of terrorism and the perpetrator’s terrorists. However, there has not been a universally agreed definition of terrorism that mainly involves the killing of innocent to further an agenda. Terrorism […]

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Al Shabaab Struggling To Get Media Attention In Latest Move

Somalia’s al Shabaab terrorist group has banned single-use plastic bags in areas under its control. Previously, the group’s leadership has banned smoking, dancing, playing football and watching movies. Sputnik discussed this with Dr. Elisabeth Kendall, senior research fellow in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Sputnik: […]

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