LengaUgaidi na Talanta

LengaUgaidi na Talanta is an initiative that gives the youth an opportunity to spearhead the fight against terrorism and violent extremism by using their art. The first edition of the LengaUgaidi na Talanta competition was launched in 2017 and has since grown into one of the country’s best Film competition. […]

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MPs in State-Sponsored Terrorism

Somalia’s government is complicated, to say the least. From its inception, the regime was affiliated to opposing factions of warlords. The violence and power struggles have not declined since, as some MPs are still allied with groups such as the al Shabaab. Although it is hard to point out who […]

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Together we shall eradicate Terrorism

Many Kenyan youths in recent years have been recruited into the Al Shabaab terrorist group. Many of the propaganda videos released by the terrorist group feature young men clad in camouflage learning hand-to-hand combat, similar to ISIS militants who refer to them as their “Cubs of the Caliphate.” Information from […]

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Preying on the defenseless

Al Shabaab militants have raided a children’s home and kidnapped several children in a village south of Dhobely town. The evil struck in the wee hours of the morning when the children were fast asleep. The begun by spraying bullets at the security personnel who were guarding the gates killing […]

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Tens of thousands of lives have been lost to violent extremism. The ability of violent extremist groups to expand beyond their points of origin has grown exponentially over the last decade with the increased movement of people, goods and ideas across borders. What makes sub-Saharan Africa an easy sell for […]

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Kenya Government clamp down on terrorists’ online propaganda

Over the past few years, the increasing disruption efforts led by social media companies working jointly with law enforcement agencies and government have succeeded in curtailing jihadi organisations’ broadcasting capabilities. This sweeping and relentless clampdown resulted in more extensive disruption of terrorist activity — and more specifically of Al Shabaab […]

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