Al Shabaab

Somali citizens join in the war against Al Shabaab

  As the AU and Somalia forces keep military pressure on Al-Shabaab, the terror group is now facing a bigger and deadlier force, the Somali people. On Friday 4th September, armed villagers clashed with militants from the al-Qaida linked group near the town of Ba’adweyne in central Somalia.  There were […]

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Al Shabaab, A Toothless Dog

Harakat Al Shabaab Al Mujahideen commonly known as just Al Shabaab started its activities in 2006. After the fall of Somalia’s central government in 1991, clans started self-governing. This brought about the emergence of armed clan militias, for security against other competing clans and their tactics were ruthless. Evidenced by […]

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High-ranking Al Shabaab commander surrenders to AMISOM

An Al Shabaab commander Abdirahman Jelle has reportedly surrendered to AMISOM authorities alongside 3 other Al-Shabaab fighters, considered to be his subordinates. According to a report by an AMISOM outpost, the Shabaab commander and his team requested a secret meeting with the authorities where he then surrendered his gun and […]

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