Al Shabaab Militants On A Go Slow Due To Lack Of Compensation

Al Shabaab militants are on a go-slow following compensation disagreements. Reports reaching Epuka Ugaidi indicate that the militants are now boycotting operations within the camp and they have even begun forming factions under new leaders. The outfit has been experiencing deep divisions within the Shura Council; the governing section of the militia group that is... Continue Reading →


Al Shabaab Kidnapping Residents In North Eastern Region

Cases of missing persons in North Eastern region have been on the rise in recent days. Intelligence reports are now pegging these disappearances to Al Shabaab activities in the part of the country. Following reports that Kenyans are being assassinated for spying allegations and backing of the Islamic state, recruitment of Kenyans in the group... Continue Reading →

Al Shabaab InaMurder Waislamu

Raia wa Somalia wameProtest kuhusu hii story ya Al Shabaab kuMurder waSomali. Juzi juzi Al Shabaab imeAttack na kuChoma maBiashara, hao na Mosque za wasee wa Mogadishu na mahali zingine huko Somalia. Al Shabaab imekua ikilipua watu na bomb za kubebwa na Dinga, kurusha maGrenade kwa soko, kuShoot wasee kiholela na kukata wasee vichwa. Hawa... Continue Reading →

Al Shabaab Selling Humanitarian Food

The United Nations (UN) has released a report indicating that Al Shabaab are attacking UN troops on humanitarian missions, stealing food and commodities including medication and water meant for the needy Somalis in the Gedo region. The report further reveals how the militants supply the commodities to retail shops to be sold in the market.... Continue Reading →

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