Al-Shabaab has suffered enormous setbacks

Al-Shabaabhas suffered enormous setbacks Al-Shabaab may control large swathes of rural south and central Somalia but in recent months the radical group has suffered enormous setbacks, including territorial losses, high-ranking commanders killed and major defections. The Somalia National Army (SNA) has received adequate training from AMISOM and allies including Turkey […]

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Radical Milleu

Borrowing the example of the three Adam brothers in the UK 2004, radicalisation needs to be examined further from an individual point. A case of three brothers who were exposed to the plight of Iraq and Iran Muslims. They were exposed to videos that came with the technical, tactical, and […]

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Community resilience in the fight against terrorism

Community resilience offers a remedy for countering violent extremism and radicalisation. This approach leads to understanding the individual motivations of those who chose to take the pathway. The approach focuses its attention on community resilience and other non-military and legal methods to deal with threats of terrorism and radicalisation. Communities […]

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Al Shabaab kill children in latest attack

A family of seven, including four children, were killed in what is believed to be an Al Shabaab attack in Wajid district, Somalia. Authorities present at the scene of the crime were perturbed and disgusted by the acts of the extremist group. It is not clear as to why they […]

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Women in Terrorism

Terrorism is a scourge that has been largely associated with men as they are the overall leaders for major terrorist groups operating around the world. In the past, women’s roles in terrorism were limited to supporting their male relatives, educating their children in the ideology, and facilitating terrorist operations. In […]

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Radicalization: A menace to Society

Radicalization: A menace to Society A Society is built on structures and belief systems i.e. the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. These are fundamentally political, religious, family, law, economy, or class. So what happens when these structures are radicalized? Well, […]

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