April 19, 2021

Al Shabaab go against Islamic teachings

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The meaning of Jihad is struggle or effort, and it means much more than ‘holy war’.

Muslims use the word Jihad to describe different kinds of struggle: A believer’s internal struggle to live by the Islamic faith in the best way possible. Also, Jihad is a struggle to build a good Muslim society.

In the case of the al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist group based in Somalia, al-Shabaab, the meaning of Jihad is completely misconstrued. Al-Shabaab, does not understand or deliberately ignore the correct teachings of the religion they claim to subscribe to. They kill anyone including fellow Muslims.

In Islam, Moses is revered as the receiver of the scripture known as the Torah (Tawrat). The Qur’an describes the Torah to be ‘guidance and light’ for the Israelites and that it contained teachings and words of God, prophethood, and the Day of Judgment. Christians, Jews and Muslims pray to one God. This one God gave Moses the 10 commandments and in one of the commandments, God said, ‘Thou shall not kill’. But the al-Shabaab goes contrary to this teaching, yet they claim to obey God.

One of the commandments of Islam is ‘Turn away from ill speech.

Before they died, the chief cleric of the Masjid Musa mosque then, Makaburi and Sheikh Aboud Rogo an Islamist extremist, incited people using the doctrine of Islam in the wrong way. They urged Muslims to practice violence against the Kenyan government, detest non-Muslims and also publicly supported the al-Shabaab. This showed how evil the men were.

Abu Ubeydah, al-Shabaab leader also incites people in the same way.

Another good manners commandment in Islam is ‘Don’t take women by force or take back bridal gift without a valid reason and live with them in kindnesses. The al-Shabaab does take women forcefully. In their camps in Somalia, they rape women and put them into forced labor i.e. cooking, cleaning and fetching water for the terrorists. Clearly the al-Shabaab does not respect women in society and women are the nurtures of society.



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