Sep 9, 2020

Somali citizens join in the war against Al Shabaab

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As the AU and Somalia forces keep military pressure on Al-Shabaab, the terror group is now facing a bigger and deadlier force, the Somali people.

On Friday 4th September, armed villagers clashed with militants from the al-Qaida linked group near the town of Ba’adweyne in central Somalia.  There were casualties on both sides but Al Shabaab suffered the most with more than 30 militants killed.

The angry villagers are said to have picked up weapons and descended on the militants, leading to a fierce fight that lasted for several hours.

Reports have indicated that 14 villagers were killed by the Al Shabaab militants with more than 30 militants killed in the attack. Bodies of the victims were left scattered in the village as the al-Shabaab militants took off after sensing defeat in the battle, the first of its kind in the region.

The Somali people are now resisting demands by the radical group to hand over their weapons and let their young boys join the terrorist group.

Al Shabaab has been losing grounds across the country and the latest setback is one of the strongest indications that they can be defeated for good.

Recently reports emerged that the group leader Ahmed Omar Diriye is struggling with his health and is said to have handed over power to his deputy, amid internal leadership wrangles with another powerful leader, Mahad Karate.



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