Aug 12, 2020

Somalia soldiers kill senior Al Shabaab commander in operation

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A top Al-Shabaab operative was killed by the Somali military in the notorious lower Shebelle region, army chief General Yusuf Raggeh announced on Sunday, in what is said to be a significant triumph in the fight against the Al-Qaida linked group.

General Raggeh, one of the most feared soldiers picked from among the infantry corps, said the troops conducted a sophisticated operation in lower Shabelle where they killed Osman Gaab, an Al-Shabaab commander who has been on the radar for several years now. The militant was in charge of 3 towns in the region. Osman Gaab has been subjecting locals to severe penalties including the imposition of taxes that are used to finance Al-Shabaab operations across the country. The taxes are also used to finance the training of young fighters mainly recruited from local areas in Somalia. He had been on the run and we thank god for helping us to deal with him.

We managed to kill him and this is a significant achievement for us. He has been coordinating attacks against security forces and innocent people in lower Shabelle and luckily he’s no more” said Rageh in a rare message to the media.

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