Aug 11, 2020

Four Al Shabaab convicts shot dead following an attempted escape

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 At least four Al Shabaab militants who were serving prison terms were shot dead on Monday afternoon after they tried to escape from the prison. The inmates obtained three pistols that were smuggled into the prison and started shooting at prison guards. The militants tried to exploit the compassionate gesture by the government that has been treating them fairly despite their threat to the community in a bid to rehabilitate them, and have therefore hidden weapons in foods and other items given to the prisoners when they receive visits from relatives, according to local media. Security forces have immediately seized control of the situation.

The attack took place in one of the sections of the prison where inmates serving long term sentences are kept. Ismael Muktar, the Somali government spokesman said four armed Al Shabaab convicts tried to escape from the prison leading to a heavy gunfight with security officers, but they were killed on the spot after a swift response from the officers who were manning the facility which hosts most notorious Al Shabaab prisoners.

The spokesman blamed the convicts for trying to escape from a legal holding facility where they were serving different sentences. “A commotion ensued after Al Shabaab militants tried to escape from a legal holding facility ” Muktar said. “Security officers engaged them in a fierce gunfight and killed them within the parameters of the prison. The officers have since taken charge of the facility”

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