Jul 20, 2020

Al-shabaab militants shell civilian houses with mortar attacks

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Three people were wounded after a mortar attack in Janaale, a town 94 km from Mogadishu on Sunday, Somali witnesses and officials said. The mortars landed on civilian houses in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia. Lower Shabelle governor, Ibrahim Adan Ali [Najah] confirmed the attack. “Three people have been wounded and have been rushed to the hospital,” said governor Ibrahim in a statement.

Al Qaeda-aligned Al Shabaab, which seeks to topple the U.N.-backed government, often launches attacks in Mogadishu and across the country. It did not immediately claim responsibility for Sunday’s attack. Al-Shabaab uses mobile vehicles that transport mortars from one location to another. The mortars are then disassembled immediately after being fired and hidden in the bush or in a car, according to security sources.

In a separate incident, at least three people have been confirmed dead and nine others wounded after a shooting incident in Mogadishu’s Warta Nabada on Sunday. The gunman shot dead three people and injured nine others in a house traditionally belonging to ‘Mingis’ people ‘treating’ sick people alleged to be demon-possessed. The assailant fled from the scene area before the arrival of the police. Somali police arrived in the area and launched an operation.

No group has claimed responsibility yet but many point an accusing finger at the radical group Al Shabaab. The attack comes barely less than a week after a man disguised as a woman sprayed bullets at his ex-wife and family members in Mogadishu. The man identified as only Abdi was later flushed out from his hideout in the Mudug region and transferred to Mogadishu to appear before the court to answer charges.

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