Jul 17, 2020

Al Shabaab sex slaves

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Twelve years have passed since the heartless and savage murder of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow. Reporters paid off by Al Shabaab had run a smear campaign against a 13-year-old girl, claiming she was a 23-year-old woman found guilty of adultery. The malicious Al Shabaab leadership had tried her under extreme sharia laws and found her guilty of adultery. It was all a cover-up as her family had come forward, clearly stating she’d been wrongfully accused and the sentencing done swiftly since she was in the process of reporting that she’d been raped. The good people of Kismayu turned up in crowds to protest and overturn the harsh ruling but this was met by vicious violence from the Al Shabaab militants, killing an 8-year-old boy in the ensuing protests.

Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow is just one among numerous victims of the Al Shabaab militia group. Evidence and information from security intelligence and Returnees depicts a hell on earth lifestyle for the women recruited or forcefully initiated into the militant group. Muna (Real name withheld) recounts her five-year ordeal as an Al Shabaab sex slave; “I was basically a prisoner, repeatedly sexually abused by up to six men at a time.” She’d been tricked like many others that they’d get married and be well taken care of by the Al Shabaab militants. She is an example of females in the parts of south-central Somalia under insurgent control who have little recourse to fair trials and health services.

About a month ago in Mandera, a young girl whose family requested to remain anonymous for fear of Al Shabaab retaliation, was raped by militants affiliated with the Islamist group. Sexual violence against women has become a common terror tool for Al Shabaab. Women should not accept to be lured into the group as there is no benefit in joining terror groups like the Al Shabaab.

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