Jun 3, 2020

Security Forces rescue civilians held in Al Shabaab prisons

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KDF troops in Somalia have rescued over 50 civilians from the hands of Al Shabaab militants, killing at least 10 militants. The hostages, most of them victims of kidnappings were locked up in Al Shabaab makeshift prisons in the Lower Shabelle region south of Somalia.

The civilians currently who are still to be reunited with their families were locked up by the militants, accused of working with government agencies and allied forces. According to intelligence reports, most of the hostages were merchants dealing in the food business in and out of Somali government-controlled towns.

Women and children locked up in cells disguised as food granaries are said to have been fetched by the militants from nearby villages for resisting “Laws” made up by the terrorist outfit.

Malnourished and emaciated, one Adan Hussein tells of the days and nights laden with assault and mistreatment from members of the militia who repeatedly raped women and sodomised young boys.

“Men were the only ones allowed to leave the room as they would be used as human shields during attacks. They would be trained on how to use guns and other weapons, after which they headed out to execute attacks. Luckily, they would sneak in food and water at the risk of facing execution.” said Adan

The 27-year-old who had been separated from his son says they had to deal with the harsh weather and calamities that saw a good number of hostages pass away with the current floods. “We were forced to bury the bodies in the compound late-night under heavy surveillance of militants who would whip us indiscriminately.” continued the former hostage

Showing marks on his back, Adan says the militants were planning to transport them to one of their camps near Jilib but were wary of security forces deployed along roads. The civilians were rescued following reports of unusual activity in the area by locals who secretly let security officers in on the location. According to security officers, the former hostages will undergo questioning and medical examination after which they will be reunited with their families.

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