May 26, 2020

KDF Troops in efforts to rebuild Somalia

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Locals in Southern Somalia and its environs often receive free medical services from Kenyan troops. This has been achieved through the setting up of medical camps and health centres, services thoroughly needed due to flooding and heavy rains that have been witnessed in past weeks.

The residents who turnup in masses receive treatment as some show up for routine checkups. Cholera, a waterborne disease, is said to be the largest threat to the Somali population and especially among women and children.

Military doctors In these camps not only treat the said patients but also monitor them for hours and sometimes even days to ensure the stability of the patients. As part of the service,  the troops also engage the residents in counseling sessions, both personal and in groups owing to the years of trauma by defunct militia Al Shabaab who have been terrorizing their villages.

This year during Ramadhan, the KDF has additionally provided food items to the locals to try and cushion them from the effects of the ongoing Corona pandemic that has affected livelihoods all over the world.

The peacekeepers in neighbouring Somalia will continue with the free camps across the country even as they assist the Somali Government in rebuilding the war-torn state.

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