May 26, 2020

Al-Shabaab denies family the opportunity to bury their dead father in his hometown.

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Al-Shabaab fighters have ordered the body of a 70-year-old man to be returned to Mogadishu. The old man died after a long illness according to his family.

The body of the deceased who died at Yaaqshid district was transported to Biya Cadde town in the Middle Shabelle region. The region is mainly under the control of the terror group. The family of the deceased Old man got a call from Al-Shabaab leaders saying, “return the body of the apostate that you have carried here”.

The family requested that the old man’s name not be mentioned for fear of Al-Shabaab retaliation even though some of the family members have mentioned that their late father was not working for the government. The person who called the family is said to be a relative to the family, according to local media, which made it easy for Al-Shabaab to contact the family.

The old man is said to have been frequently visiting the Al-Shabaab controlled region before he got ill. It is still not clear why Al-Shabaab e denied the old man, who has been bed-ridden for a long time to be barred in his hometown, and many are wondering what a 70-year-old man who has been sick for so long could possibly do to Al-Shabaab to deserve this kind of punishment. The body of the deceased was later returned to Mogadishu where he was buried after the family failed to secure the old man’s wishes, even after they pleaded with Al-Shabaab to let the body be taken to where he wanted.

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