Apr 6, 2020

Youth in Somalia launch a campaign against Al Shabaab

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The youth in Somalia have finally broken decades of silence on the atrocities committed by the Al Shabaab. In a joint statement, the youth condemned the outlawed group for their misfortunes in Somalia.

The young men and women have blamed Al Shabaab for the lack of employment opportunities since their destructive attacks continue to drive and scare away investors in the state. Somalia economic growth index is at a negligible decimal due to political instability.

Their other point of concern was the lack of substantial education internationally accredited. Al Shabaab has been on the forefront in destroying learning institutions in Somalia. The youth in the statement criticized the militants for spraying schools with bullets killing scores and destroying classes. Lots of children are also forcefully recruited into the outfit leaving empty classes killing education.The attacks on schools have left parents scared to take their children to school opting to be with them at home.

The statement goes to explain how the Somalis no longer worship in peace and freedom. Several Sheikh and Imams have been executed by the Al Shabaab for preaching the right Islam teachings. The Al Shabaab only advocates the preaching of skewed Islamic teachings that befits their agenda. Their misuse of Islamic terminologies has been their tactic in brainwashing the youth to recruit them into extremism. The militants have also destroyed several mosques. This has left most believers praying either from their homes or seeking for other places of worship to serve Allah.  The youth have vowed to go on a campaign dubbed #ReclaimingOurAllahuAkbar in a bid to sanitize Islam religion off terrorism.

The youth have however acclaimed the AMISOM for the good work they are doing to bring law and order in the horn of Africa. They vowed to accordAMISOM and SNA maximum cooperation in the fight against extremism.


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