Apr 6, 2020

Al Shabab Activities Hampered by Corona Outbreak

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Loss of finances have greatly hampered Al Shabaab’s operations, a situation made worse by the looming Coronavirus Pandemic. According to reports, Al Shabaab have been greatly affected by the virus with sources claiming that some of the leader’s have been infected.

This has consequently led to a shutdown of major operations in the organisation after the full isolation of their Emir Abu Ubaidah who reportedly has been in poor health for the last few years.

The militia has now turned to assembling weaponry using insufficient and outdated components hence the increasing number of backfired attacks and deaths of unskilled militants..

According to a former Al Shabaab member, leaders in the militia group are now forcing foot soldiers to ambush security forces’ camps to acquire weaponry, a strategy that has seen militants die in masses as others get captured into custody.

Other insider sources confirm weaponry has been of great scarcity in the camps only allowing leaders and selected militants to own guns and ammunition therefore leaving most of them defenseless.

As the world unites to combat the Corona Pandemic, terrorist organisations are likely to feel the brunt as they cannot easily access conventional medical services and therefore resort to kidnapping medical practitioners in an effort to mitigate their losses. The crippling of their activities is however left to personal judgement as to the effects of the Corona Virus as to some it comes as a blessing, and to some a curse.


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