Jun 28, 2019

Tension in Jilib high

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Tension is high in Al Shabaab’s headquarters Jilib after the foreign fighters christened the Ansaris went on a cold strike in anticipation for ‘something great’ looming. This comes after leaked intelligence reports that more than 50 foreign fighters will be publicly prosecuted in Jilib town for spying allegations. If Al Shabaab goes ahead with this mission, it will be the highest mass execution of the so-called moles in modern history by a terrorist outfit. The foreign fighters are crying foul of being targeted by the local fighters dubbed ‘Mujahiruns’ for being in better positions to rise to top leadership positions in the Al Shabaab’s ranks and files.

The Ansaris used to enjoy minimal protection from the chief Al Shabaab propagandist Ahmed Iman until his demise in March 2019. Although he ordered the execution of most foreign fighters including Kenyans, he used to equally protect most of them. With his death, the Ansaris are left exposed to the hyenas who are ready to slaughter them like chicken as they shoot their AK 47s riffles in the air in celebration.

Upon realizing that they were on their own, the Ansaris have decided to take pro-active measures to defend themselves against the Muhajiruns, since they are not sure who will be unjustly branded a spy next and consequently face the hangman’s noose. It is reported that a section of the militants have not been reporting for combat training while others blatantly defy orders. Those wounded in battles or are sick are no longer adhering to doctor’s prescriptions and even flatly refuse to take treatment of any kind. There are others who have been on hunger strike for more than 4 days.

These new developments have left the top Al Shabaab’s management in a limbo; a wide crack on whether to ignore the militants and go ahead in making their execution threats a reality or to listen to their grievances first. The cold strike has divided sharply the Al Shabaab leadership structure into two factions; with some especially the locals pressing for direct execution of the convicted moles without dialogue with the Ansaris, while the rest routing for dialogue first. This confirms the cracks in the terror outfit Al Shabaab may take long to be resolved.

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