Jun 24, 2019

Tension as Alshabaab oppress clans

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Clannism factor has once again hit hard the Alshabaab structural stability; this time from the Darod clan. The rivalry between Talha and Alidhere sub-clans has taken a notch higher and became bloodier over the past few days. The helm of Alshabaab’s leadership structure is mainly dominated by the Marehans. Top leaders from the Alidhere and Talha sub-clans have led to the separation and transfer of some of the to leaders from the respective sub-clans.

Several disappearance cases had been reported in the Gedo region, an area that is dominated by the Darods. Most of those disappearing are from the Alidhere sub-clan. Recently, a mass grave was discovered in a thick forest of mutilated bodies which has signs of immense torture from  abductors. The bodies were positively identified to be from the Alidhere sub-clans whose family members took them for a decent burial.

There have been spontaneous protests from the Alidhere community traders who claim that Talha askaris are imposing undefined taxes to them without consultations. Mohammed Ishmael, a trader from the region said that they are forced to surrender all the monthly profits they accrue from their businesses to the Talha askaris, who later determined who to share the profits. “We are no longer doing business for profit but rather for service delivery.” Added Ishmael.

Reports indicate that the ‘Alidhereans’ are now regrouping and vowing to go on a revenge mission against ‘Talxeans’. Talxeans, on the other hand, is said to be training their militants ready for any assault. Al Shabaab has been facing a major crack when it comes to mending the clannism ribbon as far as leadership menace is concerned. In case the Alidhera decides to take on Talxe, pundits have it that that will be a long road towards the fall of Alshabaab since more sub-clans will start fighting for their rights in the ranks. In the meantime, suspicion and tension remain high in the Gedo region

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