May 10, 2019

Al Shabaab dying of cholera

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After prolonged rainfall in the central and southern part of Somalia, floods are increasingly causing problems for both locals and Alshabaab. Residents-who are mainly pastoralist and live in temporally houses, are the most affected as the houses have been swept away by the continued floods. Animals have died and others swept away.

Speaking to the Media, Jilib Deputy Governor Mohamed Ibrahim said that historically, Somali has always suffered after heavy rains. “ Somalia is largely a flat ground and that is why heavy rains affect us. Any amount of rainfall that is above average has always been a problem for us” Mr. Ibrahim said

Other effects experienced after the floods are waterborne diseases. Typhoid and cholera diseases are the most common in the region. In a country that is still struggling for stability after years of civil war, Somali’s healthcare is far from being stable. After Alshabaab harassed, kidnapped and killed medical volunteers, Doctors Without Borders decided to withdrew in 2013. This led to suffering and deaths from largely preventable and curable diseases. “Withdrawal of volunteer doctors in 2013 was a big blow to the whole region, children and women have been dying from curable diseases since then,” Said the Deputy Governor.

The effects of cholera and typhoid are not only felt by Somali residents, but also the Alshabaab. The governor said that the militants have been dying from cholera. “Last week we heard that they have buried almost twenty people in their camp. They cannot admit they are suffering but it is evident that they have been weakened by the outbreak”.

Last month Alshabaab kidnapped Cuban doctors in Mandera, Kenya. It is believed that apart from demanding ransom they need medical attention to their already suffering fighters hence the kidnapping.

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