May 9, 2019

Communities defeat terrorism

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Terrorism has over the years robbed us of innocent lives across the globe and has also left scars of unbearable pain, along with it destroying property and infrastructure. This disabling occurrence is such a huge scare for millions of populations in different areas in the world, which is characterized by the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror among masses; or fear to achieve a religious or political aim.

Communities across the region and Kenya, in particular, should stand resilient in this war so as to effectively defeat the enemy. Resilience is a principle that we should adhere to at all costs. Building a resilient Kenya involves fostering a society in which individuals and communities are able to withstand violent extremist ideologies and challenge those who espouse them. They support and participate in efforts that seek to protect Kenya and Kenyan interests from terrorist threats. A resilient Kenya is one that is able to mitigate the impacts of a terrorist attack, ensuring a rapid return to ordinary life.

Kenyans should also be well aware of the changing face of terrorism; the threat has evolved over time. Terrorist groups adapt their techniques and capabilities to their operating environment. They use new technologies, respond to international and domestic events, and create new organizational structures and capabilities in response to domestic and international counter-terrorism efforts. Kenya’s approach to counter-terrorism will be flexible and forward-looking to anticipate and adapt to these changes by adjusting counter-terrorism activities and priorities. Equally, Kenya’s efforts focus on prevention and address factors that make individuals susceptible to violent extremist ideologies.

As individuals in communities, it is upon each one of us to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity or occurrences. We are one and as a force, we can diminish terrorists’ capabilities to counter-recruitment and radicalization plus any acts of terror.

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