May 8, 2019

More vigilance during Ramadhan

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National Police Service has urged Kenyans to be more vigilant during the holy month of Ramadhan. This comes in the wake of intelligence reports indicating that terrorists are planning to stage attacks during this period. The security agencies have however assured Kenyans of maximum security to everyone in the country. The National Police Service Spokesperson Mr. Charles Owino has however urged Kenyans to be more cautious when it comes to personal security.

During the holy month of Ramadhan, Muslims engage in the 5 pillars of Islam- particular fasting, making duas (Prayers). It is believed that during this period, the doors of Jahannam (hell) are shut while those of Jannah (paradise) are opened. The terrorists, however, warp these teachings to fit their own political motives. They take this advantage to engage in terrorist acts to kill innocent people in suicide attacks. In the recent past, they have gone to the extent of bombing mosques in Medina killing dozens of Muslims pilgrims and injuring several.
In the recent past, the police have been working tirelessly in keeping Kenyans safe, as they have disrupted several Alshabaab networks, confiscating several assorted weapons and arrested several suspects.

For personal safety, be vigilant especially in public places where there are crowds. Note suspicious faces and goods and report. Police have released emergency numbers to call any time of the day. Under the slogan ‘see something say something’, you can call 112 or 999 for assistance. The numbers are toll-free and you will be accorded necessary help. Be safe

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