Apr 24, 2019

Personal responsibility in fighting terrorism

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In case after case of a terrorist attacks — successful or not — eyewitnesses have reported observing, for example, an agitated transit passenger fiddling nervously with the contents of his backpack, a visitor to an event who appears excessively nervous, or a tourist who can’t answer a few simple questions coherently or just suspicious activities in places that they work or live.

“You can observe a lot just by watching.” That remark from one of the most quoted personalities in sports, Yogi Berra, is deceptively simple and a bit redundant. But it also reminds us how crucial vigilance is in combating terrorism.

Civilians should be the first line of defense when it comes to combating terrorism. They should be the eyes and ears of the security agencies. If you see or hear something suspicious, report to security agencies for them to act before it is too late.
The war on terror cannot be won by the security agencies alone; they need support and goodwill of the citizens as well.

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