Apr 23, 2019

World determined to eradicate terrorism in the horn of Africa

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As ISIS’ is being wiped out from the Middle East, the world is now focusing to clean out all the ‘feeder’ organization around the world. This new operation targets the likes of Boko Haram and Alshabaab.

The United States government has extended for one year the national emergency order declaring the situation in Somalia ‘extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States’. The White House issued the declaration on 10th April 2019 noting that President Donald Trump had extended Executive order 13536 of 2010 for a further one-year.

“The situation with respect to Somalia continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” the notice read in part.

Just like the U.S, the world is committing itself to a long-term stabilization mission in a chronically unstable Somalia. The commitments involve training and equipping the local government forces to fight against jihadi insurgents and won’t end until those local forces are capable of fighting on their own. It also includes real-time operations in fighting terrorist groups by disrupting their cells and networks.
In the recent past, attacks on Alshabaab camps have intensified where they have lost commanders and militants through drone attacks that have been very effective. The numbers of their fighters are decreasing as many are killed while the rest are surrendering to the Somalia government in masses.

These operations are targeting all terrorist organizations and not only Alshabaab. On 15th April, the U.S military confirmed that it had killed Somali-based ISIS deputy. In a statement, U.S. Africa Command said Abdulhakim Dhuqub died in the Bari region of Somalia. The statement referred to Dhuqub as ISIS-Somalia’s “second in command” and responsible for the “daily operations of the extremist group, attack planning, and resource procurement.”

The recent kidnapping of Cuban doctors in Mandera County is only making it worse for Alshabaab. It has drawn unnecessary international attention and that makes the world more determined to completely finish them.

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