Apr 3, 2019

Illegal drugs in Al Shabaab’s possession

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The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces have intercepted cocaine worth more than Ksh. 400M street valued en route to unspecified Al Shabaab camp in Somalia. This happened after the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) troops received a tip-off from the locals that suspected Al Shabaab militias were involved in suspicious activities. KDF troops in Baidoa then took upon themselves to act upon the intelligence. There have been reports that Al Shabaab was smuggling all kinds of illegal drugs into their camps where they intoxicate their fighters before they are assigned assault duties.

After a month of ground investigations, the troops laid an ambush after it was positively confirmed that the load was to be ferried from a safe house to the Al Shabaab camp. Wednesday 20th March 22, 2019, at, It’s all systems go as the militants start loading the drugs on a pickup, while the KDF tactical team put final touches on the assault mission. The militants embark on their deadly mission with 2 pickups, one carrying the load while the other one, a technical, with a DShk gun mounted on top follows closely.

20 minutes into the journey, they get entangled in a deadly KDF ambush with nowhere to run. After 10 minutes of a heated exchange of gunfire, there is a loud silence in the air as an approximate 20 bodies of the militants lie lifeless on the ground as 5 KDF soldiers nurse minor injuries. The injured officers were attended to by the KDF doctors.

On inspecting the pickups, the drugs we found stashed in silages and gunny bags. The drugs are now in the KDF troops’ custody awaiting destruction. The AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. TigabuYilmaWondimhunegn applauded the Kenya troops for a job well done. He congratulated the locals too for working hand in hand with the troops to ensure that terrorism is uprooted from Somalia. He urged them to continue cooperating with the security forces in the fight against terrorism.


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