Apr 1, 2019

How True patriotism will make Kenya secure

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Patriotism hails from the emotional sentiments one has for their country and or homeland. It is the reason people vehemently stand behind their nation despite all odds and circumstance and hence called national pride in other circles. For example, that joy you feel as a Kenyan when you see someone representing the country in a professional arena is the best description of patriotism. For most people, it is a source of joy and pride for being part of a larger nation.

The ultimate hallmark of true patriotism is honesty to self. It can be argued that when someone is honest to themselves, it radiates outwards in the surroundings to inspire others to do the same. There are several ways through which being honest to one can help make the country safe. For example, soldiers would not be easily bribed at the borders. They would hold themselves accountable for the consequences of their actions and hence prevent this occurrence by all means.

Further, genuine self-honesty can help prevent Kenyans from being recruited to terror groups. It will give the individual insight into the values of the country and community upholds. Accordingly, patriotism can help secure Kenyan borders through the accountability it promotes in people.

Additionally, patriotism inspires deep respect for the rule of law. Perpetrators of most crimes in the country do so partly because they have no care for the law and its consequences. In contrast, if people were patriotic enough, they would know the value of the same in society. Hence, citizens would collectively work to see that no one breaks the law. The result would be a dramatic decline in the total number of crimes around the country including terror attacks. In the end, is everyone is actively observing the law which remains to break it? Additionally, the citizens would actively personally take steps to ensure that people found on the wrong side of the law are prosecuted accordingly. Hence, there would be stronger social and legal systems to buffer the country from any harm.

Patriotism can help inspire people to take up personal or collaborative initiatives to promote the security of their homeland. Civilians are a pivotal part of any counter terrorism and counter crime efforts. They actively provide vital intelligence to security forces that can be used to prevent crimes. Hence patriotism can help garner more collaboration from civilians in initiatives like NyumbaKumi which has already proved monumental in keeping the country safe.

We have all heard of the Kenya spirit in the wake of a significant attack, calamity or accident. Both our charitable nature and resilience characterizes it. Patriotism partly inspires this spirit which can be leveraged to push the country forward in the aftermath of devastating incidents. It is not guaranteed that the security forces will prevent 100% of the crimes, so we should not let the ones that slip between the cracks break or divide us as a nation. Thus, patriotism can help us stand strong as a nation even in challenging times.

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