Mar 28, 2019

Lessons Learned from the New Zealand Attack

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The New Zealand attack was a gruesome slaughter of innocents at Christchurch attack. It was a hate-inspired crime as the attacker, who documented most of the horrors, expressed various white supremacist sentiments. However, led by the nation’s prime minister, the country showed us multiple aspects from which we can all draw inspiration.

First, terrorism feeds and thrives on publicity. Just as previous research has indicated the unhealthy relationship between the media and terror attacks, massacre yet again proved that we do not make any significant gains through profoundly publishing such events. The attacker managed to document most of the horrific incident as well as capture his thoughts. The video was then spread throughout famous media avenues with social media being the most prevalent form. If you are a social media savvy, you must have encountered the video at one point or the other. Such trends only work to impale the gains made against terror attacks. The videos inspire others who harbour similar ideologies also to take up arms.

Second, sound leadership is not defined by either gender or age. The prime minister stepped in as the country was going through a tough period and handled the situation so gracefully that it echoed praise from the world over. Instead of hiding behind the state house door issuing empty statements, the 38-year-old rushed to the scene of the attack where she sympathised with the grieving families. Additionally, she did not follow the traditional bureaucratic approaches and released as much information to the public as possible. Information is a crucial asset at such a time in avoiding unnecessary panic from the public.

Furthermore, she was quick to highlight the values of humanity saying that despite their religious inclinations the victims are part of us. Such sentiments are crucial in bringing attention to the fact that we are all part of the same global family. She actively mobilised members of parliament to start immediate debates on the issue of gun control.

The aftermath of the attack indeed underpinned the human spirit behind all of us. People rallied around the families hurt by the attack to offer as much support as possible. It united people of different races, ethnicities, and religious dispositions to help the victims through the difficult times. The entire nation of New Zealand stood together and spoke in one voice on the matter strongly condemning the attacker and calling for the development of appropriate legislation to prevent such issues in the future. Globally the incident sent cold chills running down most people’s spines. However, the amount of grace the country handled the situation with inspired the entire world to aspire to positive values of humanity such as the resilience shown by the affected families and community. Therefore, the event inspired the best qualities in all of us.

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