Nov 2, 2018

The Woman Is Best Fit To Fight Terrorism At Community Level

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Women and girls are most fit in rallying up the community against terrorism and violent extremism says report. The female gender has been said to embody community ‘cops’ if you may. Since time immemorial, the woman has been known to play the role of building family units and beyond that, the nexus of the community.

Given the capability to nurture and grow homes, experts say the powerful nature of being the moral pillar in the society could assist in curbing radicalization and violent extremism. This begins with educating children and young adults who find it easier opening up to the mother in most circumstances. Educating young ones on terrorism using understandable language could protect millions from terrorist attacks.

“Children take what their mother says as the gospel truth and even though this should not be taken advantage of, women are in the best position to sensitize young ones” reads the report in part.

Besides the undying trust from young ones, women make good intelligence agents. This is because the female gender is conversational and a lot of information is passed through the woman who at times is not aware of how crucial some of the information is with regards to community impact.

By making women champion campaigners against terrorism, authorities will be in a position to derive a lot of information that could assist in nabbing terrorists or even repulsing an attack. “The honest nature of the woman is likely to work for the authorities who often have a hard time getting civilians to tip off offenders” states the report

Not only will the women be in a position to nurture young ones and collect intel but they are better placed as community educators who are capable of pulling young men and women together in forums where they enlighten them on the consequences of joining militant groups and indulging in violent extremism.

“A crowd of youth will give undivided attention to a woman educator five times more than they will give a man. This points to the child in everyone; we all look at men as authorities, not as nurturers or caregivers.” concludes the report.



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