Al Shabaab Militants Killed In Clash With Residents

12 Al Shabaab militants have been killed and others injured after a clash erupted between the members of the militia and the locals.

The locals said the offensive against the militia was in reiteration to atrocities against women and children. The locals also say they have lost their youth to the militia group that has been kidnapping young men and women and forcefully recruiting them.

Illegal levies, cattle theft and implementation of absurd laws are also some of the reasons the locals of Adan Yabal district are flashing the militants out.

During the altercation between the two parties, Somalia government forces in collaboration with AMISOM troops shored up support for the locals pushing back militants.

“Civilians in the country have rarely launched armed resistance on Al-Shabaab, which carries out executions to impose its authority. This goes to show that they are fed up of Al Shabaab’s actions and atrocities against them. ” said a local administrator who requested to remain anonymous


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