Al Shabaab death toll on the rise after KDF Attack

Al Shabaab death toll in connection with Monday morning killings has increased. Intelligence reports indicate that 12 more bodies have been discovered in the thick Boni forest. This is after security officers launched a search of militants who fled with gunshot wounds and some in critical condition.

The search began shortly after 10 other militants were killed by KDF officers during an ambush on their hideout deep inside Boni Forest at Taksile which is about 25 kilometers from Pandanguo village in Lamu West, Monday morning.

The officers who were forced to patrol the area on foot due to bad weather and roads captured an assortment of weapons among them IED materials and seven AK-47 rifles.

“We were patrolling on foot and we spotted them deep inside the forest at a place called Taksile. We decided to attack them and an exchange of fire ensued for about half an hour. We managed to kill 10 of them while three of my colleagues were injured,” said an officer.

Another officer said the cloudy weather was hindering effective crackdown on the militants inside the dense forest especially during the morning hours but was quick to say that they will not relent until the militants are neutralized.

In his statement sent to media houses on Monday, KDF Spokesman Paul Njuguna urged locals to share information with the security officials as the fleeing and wounded terrorists may seek assistance from them.



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