Sep 6, 2018

Al Shabaab Selling Humanitarian Food

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The United Nations (UN) has released a report indicating that Al Shabaab are attacking UN troops on humanitarian missions, stealing food and commodities including medication and water meant for the needy Somalis in the Gedo region.

The report further reveals how the militants supply the commodities to retail shops to be sold in the market. Investigations show that most of the items found on the market include foodstuffs, medicine, blankets, clothes, tents, and mattresses.

The report comprehensively points out how the Al Shabaab lost control of their major illegal businesses that enabled them to accrue billions of dollars to sustain their operations. Amongst them are the charcoal business and imposition of taxes to the locals. The outlawed group has opted to device other means to collects funds for their operations.

Al Shabaab has forced all local traders to sell goods only certified by the Al Shabaab’s local police. The traders also sell the stolen humanitarian goods distributed by Al Shabaab. Anyone found with goods from an unknown source faces a punitive action including public execution.

The UN report, however, lauded the good job the AMISOM is doing to pacify Somalia despite the challenges they face from the militants. It indicates that AMISOM is not only about peacekeeping missions but they go ahead in engaging in humanitarian activities, which include providing food and medication to those locals hit by famine. The UN condemned Al Shabaab for being self-centered and not caring about the needs of the Somali people.



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