Al Shabaab Militants Fleece Mosques With Rogue Sheikhs

Ever since AMISOM troops entered Somalia in a quest to diminish the capabilities of the Al Shabaab militia group, the group has lost most of the territories they previously occupied.

The loss of territory has also come with the loss of resources and most of their income-generating activities. The group was struck a major blow after they were pushed out of the port city of Kismayo and the capital Mogadishu leaving them struggling for finances.
The Al Shabaab militia group has now been seeking funding from International organizations, business people as well as mosques in the diaspora. As a sign of desperation, the militia group is now colluding with rogue sheikhs to extort and defraud money from mosques and charity organizations in some African countries and even abroad. The charity organizations send funds aimed to help those in need of humanitarian aid but it ends up being diverted to the militia group by the rogue sheikhs.
Furthermore, the group is now working hard to promote a new form of ‘JIHAD’ known as ‘Tajheez-al-ghazi.’ Tajheez means “preparation” and al-ghazi means “warrior.” It is a form of jihad by proxy through financial contributions. Those who cannot personally join the fight physically are asked to prepare (i.e. to fund, arm, gird, or fit) the warrior for battle and they will get a ‘Heavenly reward.’

The militia group has been doing this by spreading propaganda messages through audios and videos shared online. Despite all their attempts to get funding, governments and global financial laws have capped loopholes and methods that can be used to remit funds to terror groups such as Al-Shabaab. The group continues to lose fighters, territory and the little resources they have as security forces intensify attacks on their bases


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