Aug 28, 2018

Children Disarm Al Shabaab Leading To Their Capture

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Drama unfolded yesterday in the Southern Somali town of Qooqani when 8 Al Shabaab militants were caught pants down after local children took their clothes, guns and other belongings while they were swimming in a nearby pool approximately 2 kilometers from the small town.

According to locals, approximately 12 children suddenly strolled into town carrying AK47’s, camouflage gear and several other items including knives and ammunition. On enquiry, one of the boys told the elders that they had stolen the clothes from Al Shabaab militants who were out swimming on top of a nearby hill. Elated, the elders summoned some village youth and armed them with the same weapons as they set out towards the described location.

“We found 8 full grown men in their underwear hiding behind trees and bushes while shouting threats and obscenities at us. It was hilarious!”, narrated one Abdikadir, a youth leader in the town.

The 8 militants were later paraded in the same state while tied together and handed over to KDF forces who were manning a nearby camp.

KDF has been working closely with locals in the liberated towns of southern Somalia and the positive response to the presence of Al Shabaab in their area has been hailed as a victory in the fight to win the locals’ hearts and minds

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