More Kenyans In The Al Shabaab Executed

It has been established that one faction of the Al Shabaab executed more Kenyans after they declared their support for one of the main contenders eyeing to replace the current Al Shabaab leader Ahmed Umar.

The two main factions are Mahat Karate’s faction and Maalim Osman’s faction. Hussein Fidhow is also believed to be in race to occupy the throne. Ahmed Umar is said to be terminally ill having been diagnosed with cancer.

The decision as to who is to seat on the top seat seems to have been reserved for the locals to decide. Any foreign fighter who takes sides is considered an enemy by the opposing side and is killed.

Five Kenyans and a Ugandan whose names are concealed are said to have faced a firing squad early morning of Saturday after the Al Shabaab Court hurriedly sentenced them. The media reports say that they were not given time to defend themselves. All the villagers including children were forced to witness the executions as the militants cheered on.

These numbers brings to 25, the unfortunate Kenyans in the Al Shabaab who have so far faced the hangman’s noose. Previously, those executed were accused of working as spies for the ‘enemy’, but the narrative seems to be shifting.

With the Al Shabaab facing leadership wrangle, the outlawed outfit has faced lots of loses as most of its’ foreign fighters return to their respective countries. They are also weakened structurally as they lack formidable leadership.


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